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Fantasies. Frerard.
Sorry for my bad english :P

I took black shirt, grey skinny jeans and black boxers from the wardrobe and I went to the bathroom. I locked the door, turned the hot water, undressed and went under the shower. I wanted, I really Frank here. I wanted to taste his lips, I wanted his lips go down on my body, to the places they shouldn't ever be. I wanted his hands, his touch on my naked skin. I wanted his shuddering, pale hands. I wanted him. Like never before. I wanted his gold eyes, expressing only desire and love, his pale pink lips parted, his quiet begging for more. I wanted to hear his moans. Both - these quiet, sighs and these loud, cries of pleasure. I wanted to feel how he digs his nails into my back, how he is shuddering under the influence of my petting. I wanted him to reach his climax. It doesn't matter, if he'd come into my mouth, hand or into me. J wanted to hear his scream, I wanted to feel that warm, White sperm, knowing that he came only because of me. Not anybody else. But I couldn't call him. "Hey Frank, come on, let's fuck". No. 
I bit my lip, my wet hair fell on my face. I had all my fantasies before my eyes. I was blushing. I felt that. My hand slowly went down, from my neck to abdomen, giving me strange shivers. I stopped. After all, I wanted Frank to do that, I didn't wanted to masturbate. But I was too excited by myself. Of my imagination excited me that much. I looked at my jeans, lying on the floor. They were so skinny, I couldn't go out like this, Frank would notice so easily... I closed my eyes. I needed that. I needed just a moment of pleasure. I stopped caring about that I would like Frank's hand to do that, than mine. I just had to do it. I took my penis into my palm and squeezed it lightly. I sighed quietly. In my imagination was only one picture right now - Frankie's blushed face. His eyes were closed, lips parted and his head was lightly deflected to the back. My hand started moving up and down on my penis, calm and slowly at the beginning. My breath was hard and unequal. My palm wad moving faster, I squeezed my penis harder. I muffled my moans, but I gave up after few minutes. I gave up to myself. Hot water warmed up my body, making it even more warm than it was. I moaned after few moves of my hand. I just hoped that the sound of the shower was louder. I massages my dick harder, louder moans escaped from my mouth. I felt good. Damn good. Frank in my imagination was yelling too, what made me even more excited. I was close. I knew that I won't be able to handle it for long. I made the last, hardest moves, giving myself maximum pleasure. I flinged back my head, and rest my back on the wet tiles on the wall. I came into my own hand with a loud, long yell. I opened my eyes slowly. My breath was still fast, I was shuddering. I stood like that for a while, to get calm. After that, I washed myself and went out of the shower. I was feeling damn great, but I sill regret a bit that Frankie wasn't with me...


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